Best products for curly hair
curly hair

Best products for curly hair

If you’ve got curly hair, you know that managing curls and frizz can feel like a science experiment. We are here to make managing your waves and ri...

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How to find a good hair stylist - Manzer Hair Studio

How to find a good hair stylist

Great hair can make life easier. Your clothes look better, your complexion brighter. But how do you find a good hairstylist? It’s not just walking ...

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How do you double mask? - Manzer Hair Studio

How do you double mask?

Double masking has been shown to be more effective at preventing COVID. You don’t need to double mask, but to get the most protection, you should b...

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Shades of Blue

A slightly more risqué hair trend for  fall is to add either a touch of blue,  in the form of colour highlights/lowlights, ombre, or a peek-a-boo, ...

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The Modern Pageboy

Now don’t be afraid, this style can be very classy and youthful at the same time.  Somehow sweet but professional simultaneously, the pageboy is l...

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Colour Care Advice

Ask your stylist for product recommendation:  Colour preserving products are designed to help maintain the longevity and shine of your hair colour,...

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