All you need to know about hair masks.

KM Hydrate Me Masque: This deep conditioner gives your hair life. This will deliver your hair moisture and hydration. This unique formulation features vitamin-charged, micro-capsules, that explode upon contact to deliver hydration and moisture, leaving the hair deeply conditioned from root to tip.


KM Angel Masque: Have fine, damaged, fragile hair? This is the conditioner for you! The Angel Masque will provide strength to repair your hair. This will leave your hair feeling healthier, smoother, shinier and thicker, and contains essential ingredients to help protect against future damage. Our richly strengthening masque is ideal for fine, fragile, broken and colour-damaged hair. It also helps prevent breakage, and aids in the repair of split, damaged ends.
KM Young Again MasqueThis mask is for medium to course long hair. A  nurturing and restorative at-home treatment masque from the anti-aging regimen. This masque delivers deep conditioning to the hair and scalp, leaving hair full of youthful body and bounce. Its restorative blend of Amino Acids, essential oils and rich-moisturisers, help to restore and renew lustre and shine to dry, damaged, brittle and ageing hair.

AG Nourish Mask: Great for all hair types, The snow mushroom extract delivers intense hydration to hair. Restores dryness and brittleness resulting in shinier, more luxurious hair. Silicone-free with over 98% plant-based and naturally-derived ingredients.
AG Stirling Silver Mask: Made for Blonde, Silver and Gray hair. An intense and nourishing formula that eliminates brassy, yellow tones from blonde and silver hair with its dark violet base. Shea butter and Abyssinian oil add instant shine and softness while helping reduce and prevent breakage. Infused with AG’s exclusive CARE Complex, providing both UV and free radical protection to help extend the life of hair colour.
AG Colour Savour MaskMade for colour-treated hair that needs nourishing care. Shea butter and Abyssinian oil add instant shine and softness while sunflower seed extract helps maintain vibrancy. This lightweight and hydrating gloss treatment works on all hair types and contains AG’s exclusive CARE Complex, providing both UV and free radical protection helping extend the life of hair colour.
AG Reconstruct Mask:  Made for dry damaged or course hair. Reconstruct is an intense and luxurious conditioning treatment formulated to treat extremely dry, damaged or coarse hair. Packed with vitamin C, plant-based squalane, vegetable protein and smoothing shea butter, Reconstruct helps restore moisture, build collagen and add elasticity to dry, damaged hair, leaving it feeling softer, shinier, smoother and more radiant.

How do you use a hair mask?

  1. Wash hair twice- We like to use Maxi wash then Hydrate Me wash. (Ring out as much water as you can after you wash.)
  2. Apply your chosen hair mask- Be sure to distribute it through your ends.
  3. Clip hair up: Clip your hair up for 5-20 minutes. Place a shower cap or towel over your hair to help lock in heat.  
  4. Condition: Rinse the mask and apply your favorite conditioner. This may sounded strange but think about skin care; after you do a face mask, you always apply a moisturizer to the face. It’s the same with hair. The conditioner locks in all the goodness a mask has done to your hair. 
  5. Rinse: Rinse with cool water to lock in moisture
  6. Dry and style as normal. 

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