Keep your hair colour vibrant with colour depositing conditioner

It is so tempting to play with your hair colour while you wait to get back into the salon. And while we wish we could say that box dye never hurt anyone, that statement isn’t completely accurate. We have fixed our fair share of box dye mishaps! Want to play with your hair colour without a commitment? Or are you trying to keep your current hair colour looking fresh for as long as possible? Try a custom colour conditioner.

What’s a colour conditioner?

Also known as colour depositing conditioner or tinting conditioner, a colour conditioner adds a temporary tint to your hair. If your hair is very light in colour, natural or bleached, these products can deliver more vibrant results.

Colour conditioner is a nourishing treatment that helps extend the life of permanent hair colour. It can also add colour and moisture to natural hair and tone the hair, removing brassiness or other unwanted hues. The intensive conditioning formulas strengthen hair, reducing breakage.

At Manzer, we can mix up custom colour depositing conditioners to complement your exact shade and needs. Browse the custom colour conditioner options available on our website, then get in touch to share a photo of your hair and explain what you are looking for.

What’s the difference between hair dye and hair tint?

Permanent hair dye penetrates through the cuticle into the cortex of the hair and forms bonds with your natural pigment. Semi-permanent hair dyes sit on the inner cuticle and slightly enter the cortex. Temporary hair colour and colour depositing conditioner are similar in that the colour sits on the edge of the cuticle and deposits colour to change the natural colour of the hair, but the colour conditioner is also a deep conditioning treatment.

Who should use colour conditioner?

Colour conditioner is great for anyone who doesn’t want to dye their hair. It’s wonderful for blending grey hair, for reducing brassiness or orange hues, for adding a coloured sheen to darker hair or a pop of colour to light hair.

How to use colour depositing conditioner

Find the colour depositing conditioner or colour conditioner that best suits your hair type and hue. The directions on most products will suggest washing your hair (preferably with shampoo for colour-treated hair) and then applying the conditioner to wet hair and leaving on for five or 10 minutes, then rinsing. 

Pro tip: Apply colour depositing conditioner to dry hair and you’ll get more visible long-lasting results. If you use a lot of hair styling products, wash and dry your hair before using as some ingredients in styling products can prevent your colour conditioner from properly depositing colour.

What to expect

Unless your hair is very pale blonde or bleached, the tint will be exactly that. A subtle colour change, but one that can make a big impact. Adding a tint of colour can enhance your complexion and reduce the severity of roots that are a different colour from the rest of your hair.

Colour depositing conditioner washes out but how many washes it takes depends on your hair type and how porous it is. If you have very light hair, frequently dyed hair or damaged hair, the colour will last longer. 

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