Why you need a hair dryer brush

There’s something so great about that fresh from the salon feeling, isn’t there? Smooth, shiny hair that often lasts days. Good news: you can get a blowout at home with a hair dryer brush.

Why get a blow dryer brush?

Have you ever tried to blow dry your hair while holding a round brush? It's not easy. It usually feels like you need a third hand to help wrap your hair around the brush or you keep putting the hair dryer down while you fiddle with the brush. It's frustrating and can take forever.

A blow dry brush, also known as a hot air brush, is exactly as it sounds. It's a round brush that shoots out hot air so you only have one tool to hold.

Blow dry brushes we love

You can buy a hot air brush online from Manzer and pick it up or have it delivered. We carry two:

Aria Blowdry Brush: It features a tourmaline barrel that's gentle on hair and instantly smooths frizz. With its wide barrel, this brush is best for long hair or getting a really smooth look.

Helen of Troy Blow Brush: This brush comes in three sizes: 3/4", 1" and 1 1/2" and is great for creating curls and for smoothing short hair.

How to use a hot air brush

Start with wet hair and use a smoothing product. We like Kevin.Murphy Smooth Again or AG Set It Straight.

While most stylists will pull all of your hair back except the bottom layer, if your hair dries quickly, it's worth starting with the sections around your face. That way, the parts of your hair that are most important look the best. Once the front sections are done, gently pin them back separate from the rest of your hair.

Wherever you start, use sections that are about half an inch thick and about the width of the brush.

Wrap your hair around the brush and pull. You can use your other hand to support the brush and keep your hair in place, but be careful as of course, there's hot air coming out of the brush and the barrel itself can get hot.

Stop pulling before your hair falls off the brush completely, then twist the brush or wrap your hair around the barrel again. Continue the process until each section is dry.

Pro tip: It's easy to feel anxious to finish and to stop drying when your hair feels almost dry, but not drying hair completely can lead to frizz and after all of your hard work, you want smooth, frizz-free tresses.

For curls, wrap hair around the brush's barrel and let the hot air dry it in place and then gently unwind the hair. If you're going for smooth, you can finish with a flat iron.

Do you have a hot air brush? Need more tips on how to use it? Let us know.

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