What is Permanent Jewelry?

What is Permanent Jewelry?
Jewelry that's in it for the long haul is like a secret vow sealed in metal. Imagine an anklet or bracelet that's not your average "slip-on-slip-off" and has its ends welded or soldered together, with the intention of never being taken off. I'm happy to inform you that the welding process is very quick and your skin will be protected by a piece of leather.

Pricing Information for Application and Jewelry
Please take note of the following prices:

  • The application fee is $30, and must be paid at the time of booking.
  • The cost of jewelry is based on style and placement (ankle or wrist).
  • Any additional charms will incur an extra cost.
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Chain and Prices

Pricing determined by positioning, not mere measurements. (wrist/ankle) This price includes $30 welding fee paid at time of booking.

  • Silver Heart $70/$100
  • Silver Paperclip $130/170
  • Silver Coin $100/140
  • Silver Curb $70/$100
  • Silver Fargo $70/$100
  • Silver Figure 8 $70/$100
  • Gold Heart $90/$120
  • Gold Paperclip $140/180
  • Gold Coin $160/$210
  • Gold Curb $130/$170
  • Gold Fargo $140/$180
  • Gold Figure 8 $90/$110


  • Silver Letter $12
  • Silver Birthstone $12
  • Silver Dragon Fly $12
  • Silver Star $5
  • Silver Heart $5
  • Gold Letters $15
  • Gold Birthstone $25
  • Gold Dragon Fly $15
  • Gold Star $8
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