Best products for curly hair

If you’ve got curly hair, you know that managing curls and frizz can feel like a science experiment. We are here to make managing your waves and ringlets easier with seasonal styling tips and a list of the best products for curly hair.

Curls require different products during different seasons

Getting smooth, defined curls in the summer is totally different than getting defined curls in the winter. Why? It’s all about moisture.

In the winter, hair often needs moisture to tame the frizz created by cold, dry air. In the summer, you want to avoid excess moisture and look for products with ingredients that cultivate and define curls. That’s because humidity means that there’s already moisture in the air and we all know that heat + water = major frizz.

So before you put a curl product in your hair, consider what that product promises to do—is it fighting frizz, defining curls or moisturizing? In the winter you want to moisturize to tame frizzies, in warmer months you’ll want to fight frizz with curl-defining products.

What should you look for in curly hair products?

At Manzer, we carry salon-quality hair products from AG and Kevin.Murphy. Both brands offer great curl support, but AG really focuses on curls and waves. All of AG’s curly hair products include the brand’s Curl Creating Complex (C3). 

Other ingredients in AG products include:

  • Bio-fermented tomato fruit extract shrinks the hair cuticle and encourages curl. 
  • Rice amino acids hydrate and improve hair strength, promote curl, and help fight frizz. 
  • Keratin protein moisturizes and strengthens hair and fortifies the curl.
  • Cetrimonium chloride smoothes hair and fights static-induced flyaways. 
  • Magnesium sulfate helps shrink the bonds in the hair, cultivating and defining each individual curl and wave without being crunchy.

Types of curl products

We’ve categorized our favourite products for curls into four categories:

Curl enhancing: these products are best to use on freshly washed, wet hair.

Curl reviving: these are perfect for bringing second-day curls back to life.

Frizz fighting: combats frizzies and flyaways so your curls look defined. 

Fine hair defining: these help fine hair hold their curls.

Now that you know what type of product you need and when to use it, you can peruse our list of the best products for curly hair.

Curl enhancing

AG Curl revive shampoo
Curl confidence starts in the shower with AG’s sulfate-free Curl Revive shampoo. Enriched with super-hydrating coconut oil, sunflower oil and moisturizing pea peptides and combined with our exclusive Curl Creating Complex (C3), Curl Revive gently cleanses, maintains moisture, helps control frizz and reinvigorates curls.

Kevin.Murphy Killer Curls

This is one killer anti-frizz curl definer that will put the spring back into sad, straggly curls. KILLER.CURLS, our antioxidant-rich, leave-in anti-frizz-defining crème, helps to activate curls while adding essential moisture to throw out the frizz. Curls look and feel natural and soft, as KILLER.CURLS delivers the ideal balance of strong hold and elasticity to the hair.

AG Mousse gel

This lightweight Mousse Gel is infused with AG’s Curl Creating Complex (C3) providing firm hold, curl retention and definition with long-lasting shine. Silk protein adds moisture, strength and elasticity, while panthenol conditions and adds body.

AG Re:Coil

Some curls need a little encouragement and nothing defines, maintains and moisturizes curls like AG’s Recoil. Rich in AG’s exclusive Curl Creating Complex (C3), Re:coil separates and holds without stiffness or stickiness, even in high humidity.

Curl reviving

AG Details Defining Cream
You have the curls, now get them under control. Details is infused with AG’s Curl Creating Complex (C3) to calm frizz, define curls, and add shine with soft control.

AG Beach Bomb
Beach Bomb creates bombshell-worthy waves that are natural and full of texture. This lightweight, alcohol-free cream is infused with keratin protein, silk amino acids and AG’s Curl Creating Complex (C3) to condition and keep your hair healthy.

Kevin.Murphy Hair Resort Spray 

Surf’s up… so treat your hair to a day at the beach with HAIR.RESORT.SPRAY, Kevin.Murphy’s super-cool hair spray will help you recreate the iconic sexy, beach hair the brand is renowned for. Refreshing bursts of citrus oils help you rock the sexy surfer look, and its unisex scent works for both the girls and the guys.

Frizz fighting

AG Liquid Effects 

Specially formulated for thick, coarse or harder to control hair, Liquid Effects can be used as a foundational tool to get control of your hair. Long-lasting hold, incredible shine and humidity-resistant, this alcohol-free lotion is loaded with proteins to bring back elasticity, strength and natural curl to your hair. A little dab instantly firms up and increases the hold on any of our other styling products, adding additional humidity resistance.

AG Mousse Gel

This lightweight Mousse Gel is infused with AG’s Curl Creating Complex (C3) providing firm hold curl retention and definition with long-lasting shine. Silk protein adds moisture, strength and elasticity, while panthenol conditions and adds body.

Fine hair defining

AG Curl trigger
Ideal for fine hair, Curl Trigger instantly creates moisture-rich curls and waves. Formulated with AG’s exclusive Curl Creating Complex (C3) and fortified with sea vegetable extract, this curl-defining spray encourages soft, loose texture. Alcohol-free, so it won’t dry out your hair. Curl Trigger is an excellent curl refresher in combo with AG’s other curl products.

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