Repair summer hair

The summer has left your hair dry, sun damaged and perhaps a little oily at the roots. The hot weather has a plethora of effects on your hair, and aside from some sunkissed highlights, most of them are not so pleasant. As the temperature begins to dip and the dryer fall air settles in, it’s time to revamp and replenish those locks. 

There are a few ways to manage your post-summer hair and we are here to talk about the three best methods for a healthier, more lustrous style this autumn. 


Clarifying products are intended to clear away messy build-up, unwanted oils, hair products, chemicals or residues left over after everything from sweaty afternoons to a long swim in a chlorinated pool. By clarifying, you can cleanse away these nasties and start the season with a fresh palette.


Maxi Wash by Kevin Murphy:
A strong Detoxifying shampoo that promises to purify, clean and clear.

K-PAK by Joico
This deeply detoxifying shampoo gently yet effectively removes dulling buildup and impurities.


Remove product build up, chlorine and damaging mineral deposits with this gentle, colour-safe revitalizing shampoo. Ideal for swimmers.



Conditioning your hair effectively means replenishing moisture and restoring strength from roots to ends. Selecting products that can offer hydration without residue is key to achieving luscious pre-summer locks.


A repairing and smoothing treatment, this mask delivers hydration and moisture to dry hair or hair exposed to harsh, dry climates.

Nourish Mask by AG Hair

Nutritious superfoods restore dryness and brittleness, resulting in shinier, more luxurious hair. 

Leave in Molecular Hair Mask by K18

This is a leave-in treatment mask for all hair types that clinically reverses damage and restores strength, softness, smoothness, and bounce to hair.


A good haircut can go a long way. Damaged, broken or split ends need to be removed regularly to achieve truly manageable hair. But after a long and super hot summer, the damage is generally more extensive than any other time of year. Frequent sun exposure, swimming and the inevitable daily updos to cool off mean you need a cut sooner rather than later. 

Visit us at Manzer to find out how we can help restore your hair for fall.

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