How to grow out your grey

You would think that something as natural as choosing to grow out dyed hair and embrace grey would be honoured. However, in our agist and sexist world, it seems going grey can cause a massive amount of turmoil. Thankfully despite this, more women than ever are celebrating their natural locks.

Subtly silver or entirely white, there’s a range of gorgeous greys. Depending on your natural hue, there is a specific way to grow out your hair to reveal your sparkling silvers. It can seem daunting, but with the help of a great stylist and the right products, you might find the transition more manageable than you expected and even enjoy the process.

  • Whole head dye
  • Embrace the process fully by dying your entire head a light, grey-toned colour that allows the grow-out process to very rapidly become the real deal. It means not waiting out a long, up to two-year process and instead entirely accepting the grey by using a tone that suits your natural hair.

  • Tinting
  • Tints are temporary hair dyes that allow you to gently avoid a harsh grow-out line. They range in colours and shades and can allow you to achieve a balayage look with your natural grey roots slowly revealing themselves. 

  • Lowlighting and highlighting 
  • Lowlights and highlights can offer a dynamic look while you grow out your grey. By matching your silver hues and carefully selecting colours that blend into your existing dyed hair, a stylist can slowly and stylishly create a tonal look that is as fashionable as the final product.

  • Try before you buy
  • Products like Kera’s Colour Fling is a fun way to go grey for a day. Try this pomade by applying it throughout your hair, blow dry and wash it out after one day’s use. 

    BONUS: Rock those curls 

    Curly hair tends to disguise the demarcation lines of a grow-out more effectively, so no matter how you choose to grow your greys, wearing your hair with a curl or wave will most definitely help to ensure a more subtle experience. 

    Once you are on your way to grey, these silver-loving products will help you to avoid brassy, yellow tones and maintain the vibrant grey hair you are seeking:

    Sterling Silver mask by AG Hair

    Sterling Silver Conditioner by AG HAIR

    Sterling Silver Shampoo by AG HAIR

    Color Me Angel Treatments by Kevin Murphy

    Blonde Angel Treatment by Kevin Murphy

    Blonde Angel Wash by Kevin Murphy


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