Is my hair curly? How to restore your curls

Not sure whether your hair is puffy, wavy or curly? You’re not alone. Our hair textures rely heavily on a few simple factors: genes, hormonal changes, weather and over-styling and it can change throughout our lifetime. The most common changes occur due to pregnancy, puberty and heat styling. There isn’t much you can do to prevent or manage the changes in hair texture that occur during hormonal changes, but for those who have been flat ironing or blowing out their hair on the regular, you may not even be aware of your true hair texture. So if you are itching for some waves or to ignite those natural curls, this how-to is for you. 

Chemical treatments and heat styling not only damage your hair but also damage your curl pattern. Over time, excessive styling can alter the texture of your hair, causing it to become limper, less defined and dry. 

Not sure whether your hair is curly? Wet it and wait. If your hair forms loose waves or curls when wet, it should curl when dry with a bit of help. Here are four simple steps towards re-discovering the curl in your hair.

  1. No more heat
    Put down the blow dryer. Drop the flat iron. The first step is stopping heat styling altogether. Allow your hair to dry naturally, and if you need it to be swept away from the face, try loose braids. Over time your waves will return, and you can enjoy the luxury of a wash-and-go style.
  2. Don’t overwash
    Constant styling usually requires a lot of washing. Overwashing your hair strips it of its natural oils and, inevitably, its natural curl. Rather than washing daily, take a breather. Try to wash only a few times a week, and use shampoos that offer extra moisture. 
  3. The cutting edge
    Getting a great haircut can make all of the difference. Not only will a haircut help restore your hair’s health by removing split ends and damage, but a stylist can also work with your hair's natural body to encourage curl. 
  4. Restore
    Hydration, hydration, hydration. Gorgeous curls require mega nutrition and hydration. Using high-quality, deeply nourishing hair products will help you to define those curls and keep them looking healthy, springy and styled.

Looking for the best products to restore those curls? We have you covered. Here are our favourite curl enhancers.

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