Caring For Your Scalp is as Important as Caring For Your Hair

Discover how to achieve gorgeous hair by taking care of your scalp

If you aren’t caring for your scalp, you are missing a vital hair care step. The root of your hair woes can often be found on the scalp. Too oily, too dry, flaky, clogged or irritated, treating your unique scalp needs can be a game changer for the health of your hair. 

Just like a plant’s need for healthy soil, the health of your hair relies on a healthy foundation which means ensuring that the entire body is nourished. We know that vitamin D3, iron, zinc, folate and ferritin contribute to a healthy body and help with scalp health. 

Brushing your hair also helps to nourish the scalp by stimulating blood flow and distributing oils appropriately through the hair and across the scalp. Using a natural boar brush removes the buildup of products, oils and dead skin cells and improves circulation.

There also happen to be some key products that can help you to achieve a gorgeous scalp and, therefore, more lustrous hair. Treatments, scrubs, serums and washes are all available for you and your head to enjoy. 

Scalp Treatment

Scalp treatments are usually leave-on, nourishing masks for your scalp. They help to calm, condition and offer a more balanced pH while removing impurities. Scalp Spa Treatment by Kevin.Murphy is luxurious and specifically designed to relieve sensitive scalp. 

Scalp Scrub

Just like body scrubs, scalp scrubs are incredible for exfoliating, and removing built-up dirt, oil or products. Once all the nasties are scrubbed away, the glands on your scalp are free to produce the right amount of oil for healthier hair. The gentle exfoliation and dual purpose (think scalp and body) of Scalp Spa Scrub by Kevin.Murphy make it the perfect addition to your hair care rituals. 

Scalp Serum

Serums are concentrated oil-based treatments to offer super absorbent, balancing moisture for your scalp. One of the big benefits is that these can easily be used only on the areas of the scalp that most need it. We love the silky texture and calming properties of Scalp Spa Serum by Kevin.Murphy.

Scalp Wash 

Washing your scalp means deeply cleansing the skin under your hair to rid yourself of built-up residue, oil, dirt and hair products. Scalp washes remove dandruff and soothe the skin to ensure it doesn’t return. Used effectively as a treatment and preventative measure, scalp washes provide moisture and calming ingredients to cleanse the scalp and keep flaking at bay. The rose water, coconut oil and celery seed extract make Scalp Spa Wash by Kevin.Murphy unique. 

AG Control Shampoo

Control shampoo by AG is a dandruff shampoo that feels luxurious. It’s formulated with the maximum active ingredient allowable without a prescription. It leaves hair healthy and moisturized while effectively eliminating dry, itchy scalp. pH 5.0 to 6.5.


AG Remedy Leave On Mist

Remedy Apple cider leave on mist has a foundation of Apple Cider viniger which has anti-inflammatory, and antifungal properties. It can help reduce itching caused by dry skin. Remedy leave on mist detangles, reduces frizz, adds shine and balances the pH of the hair.  Remedy leaves hair feeling noticeably smoother, while helping to restore strength, elasticity and lock in moisture. Ideal for all hair types, perfect for colour-treated hair.

Ethica Ageless Daily Topical

This leave-on product delivers great hair—volume, fullness and softness—by treating the scalp with soothing ingredients.

Even if you don’t experience what you would consider scalp problems, you might be surprised to see how much healthier your hair becomes after spending time devoted to scalp health. Caring for yourself head to toe and using scalp treatments can prevent nasty build-up and reveal more nourished hair.

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