TikTok Worthy Ways to Get Curls Without a Curling Iron

The best methods for gorgeous ringlets and loose waves without heat

TikTok is chock-full of exciting hair styling ideas to achieve a perfect curl or beach wave. Some ideas are more trouble than they are worth, and others are downright dangerous like the pop can curls here. Luckily, a few are fun, innovative ways to achieve stunning results. When it comes to curling your hair without using a curling iron, a few winning methods can help you get the bounce and tendrils you are craving. 


TikTok user @dudushair shows off how gorgeous braided hair can look once the plaits have been released. This method is super straightforward. Put your hair in two French braids, sleep and boom, tight waves that look perfectly tousled. This works best on thick hair that is shoulder-length or longer. 


This may seem unconventional, but sock curls are a relatively easy, heat-free method to achieve big, beachy curls overnight. TikTok user @victorialouie shows off exactly how she achieves this must-have look. 

Part your hair in the middle. Place a long tube sock, toe up, at the root of your hair on one side of the part. Tightly wind a large, two-inch piece of hair around the top of the sock. Working your way down, wrap the strand around the sock, adding more and more hair as you go. Eventually, all of your hair on one side should be wound around the sock. Once finished, curl the ankle of the sock upwards, protecting the hair within it. Add a scrunch to keep it in place overnight. Do the same on the other side. Sleep and enjoy! This look can also be achieved using the belt from your fave terry cloth bathrobe. 


Similar to the sock curls, this concept is slightly more time-consuming but offers super tight curls without using a curling iron. @zandi_makeup_artist shows off her rag curl skills. Allegedly stemming from the Victorian era, this popular method for curling iron-free curls gives you serious ringlets whether using a hair dryer or leaving the look overnight.

Take a small section of your hair and, using a small piece of fabric or an old stocking, tightly wrap the section around the cloth until you reach the root. Tie off the cloth and continue the process over your entire head.

Flat Iron 

We love waves and curls made with a flat iron. Learn how to get this look with our tutorial. 

We know that TikTok is hit or miss when it comes to beauty tutorials but these four methods for curls actually work for anything from tight curls to beach waves without a curling iron. 

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