The best dry shampoos and how to use them

Dry shampoo can be an absolute lifesaver when you’re in a pinch for time. Used occasionally, high-quality dry shampoos can be a quick solution to greasy roots or limp hair. Used too often, however, and you may end up with more work than you bargained for. 


It’s important to note that dry shampoo doesn’t cleanse your hair. It works by absorbing excess oil and helping to make your hair appear more full, and fluffy, plus it usually smells divine. The idea of refreshed hair without hours of washing and drying is appealing but the results can vary and it’s important to use high-quality dry shampoos. Discover why, which products are best and how to use them.


The Good:

High-quality, non-aerosol dry shampoos are great at sucking up that oil and giving the bounce you are looking for without over-washing or spending ages styling. Used once or twice a week, good-quality dry shampoos offer all the benefits without the risks. Plus, natural fragrance can have you smelling and feeling perfectly refreshed. Here is what to look for:

  • Manual spray dry shampoos that offer even coverage without the environmental and health risks associated with aerosol
  • Natural extracts and fragrance
  • Eco-conscious brands 


The Bad:

Like any product, overuse is not ideal. When dry shampoo is overused you can do some pretty serious harm to your scalp and its microbiome. Buildup of any styling product can clog the pores on your scalp, but one that is specifically intended to absorb oils can be especially harmful with overuse. There is also a range of not-so-friendly ingredients in lower-quality dry shampoos. Talcum powder, along with other known carcinogens, is still occasionally used by commercial hair products. Here is what to avoid:

  • Don’t buy products containing talcum
  • Avoid aerosol as it is both environmentally toxic and contains harsh unnecessary ingredients
  • Look for alcohol-free options
  • Stay away from synthetic chemicals, fragrances and parabens


The Best Way to Use It: 


Once you have found your holy grail of dry shampoo, feel free to use it twice a week. We love Kevin Murphy’s Fresh.Hair Dry shampoo as it checks all of our hair, health and environment-loving boxes. Simply shake well, and spray lightly over dry hair before rubbing it into the hair or brushing it through.

Looking for some extra hydration without a complete conditioning treatment? Try Kevin Murphy’s Young.Again Dry Conditioner for the ultimate moisture without re-styling.




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