How often should you colour your hair?

Ready to colour your hair? One of the best way to decide between full colour, highlights and balayage is to consider the upkeep. How often will you need to visit the salon before your roots start to show? This is your guide to maintaining the freshest possible colour all year long.

Solid Colour

If you have a full head of solid colour, you know the intense and not-so-appealing look of roots growing in. It gives you a full perspective of just how quickly your hair seems to grow. Solid colour requires upkeep every six weeks to ensure that you are looking your best.


Highlights give you a lot more leeway. If you enjoy shifting the tone of your hair slightly according to the seasons, this is a great way to follow trends or add warmth or coolness depending on the season. Highlights should be refreshed every 12 weeks or once a season. So if you have highlighted hair, consider booking your next hair colouring appointment to freshen those locks for the next shift in weather.



Balayage is the ultimate low-maintenance hair colour option, needing touch-ups just a couple of times a year. Depending on how much light you want around the face, you can also opt to add a few highlights each season as part of your maintenance routine.

Fashion Colours

Fashion colours require the most work as they fade in as little as eight to 12 shampoos. So depending on how often you are washing your hair, you may find yourself visiting the salon more often than with other hair dye techniques. An amazing purple, dazzling pink or dreamy blue won’t stay vibrant without regular love so be sure to plan for a bi-weekly or monthly visit to stay fresh.

Toned Hair

If you have grey or white blonde hair that is toned for ultimate vibrancy and lack of copper tones you will need to pop into the salon for a toner touch-up every four to five weeks. This also depends on how often you wash your hair but a good rule of thumb is to assume that you’ll need monthly visits to ensure that your keep the exact colour you love.


How long your colour lasts also has a great deal to do with the products you choose to use in your hair. Normal shampoos and conditioners will strip the colour more quickly than products specifically intended for colour-treated hair. Check out some of our fave hair products to sustain your gorgeous coloured locks.


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