Kevin Murphy

Everlasting colour leave-in

$48.00 CAD


Achieve a stronger, healthier mane with this bond-building colour protective treatment! Weighing nothing, this lightweight leave-in spray works its way deep into the hair, reinforcing its resilience. Keep colour vivid and defend hair from environmental harm while nourishing, hydrating and restoring it.


  • Acidic pH Leave-In
  • Colour-locking
  • Bond-building
  • Creates shine
  • Environmental Protection
  • Repairs & Strengthens
  • Detangling

An acidic mixture that boosts scalp health, repairs hair, and preserves cuticle quality? It's a no-brainer! EVERLASTING.COLOUR LEAVE-IN has been made to keep colour bright and aid colourists in achieving consistent colour saturation, thanks to pH sealing technology that levels porosity.

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