Ethica Anti Aging Shampoo

$36.00 CAD
ETHICA Anti-Aging Stimulating Daily Shampoo

A balanced blend of biotech and botanicals that is part professional salon shampoo, part anti ageing skin creme and part active growth stimulation, this is Ethica Anti Ageing Shampoo daily anti-ageing shampoo.

Features & Benefits:
    • Powerful yet gentle daily formulation
    • Provides anti-aging for scalp and hair
    • Maximizes potential hair count
    • Protects and strengthens follicle
    • Accelerates speed of growth
    • Balances ph
    • Free of sulphates 
  • Features & Multi Benefits

    • High efficacy formula for superior performance that’s gentle enough to use everyday
    • Maximizes the potential of any hair type, regardless of age or gender
    • Provides anti-aging for the scalp, follicle, and hair shaft
    • Reduces shedding, protects
    • Maximizes potential hair length and count
    • Promotes optimum scalp environment
    • Thick luxurious lather
    • Lightweight formula rinses clean
    • Improves volume, smoothness and shine
    • Reduces frizz and flyaways

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