Anti gravity - Manzer Hair Studio, Best hair volumizer, toronto hair salon

Anti Gravity

$42.00 CAD
Night Rider, Maximum control texture paste by Kevin Murphy - Manzer Hair Studio

Night Rider

From $16.50 CAD
Motion Lotion - The Best Curl Enhancing Lotion by Kevin Murphy -Manzer Hair Studio

Motion Lotion

$42.00 CAD
Kevin Murphy Hair Products. Best Colour enhancer. Blonde angel treatment - Manzer Hair Studio

Blonde Angel Treatment

From $10.00 CAD
The best hair thickening lotion - Full again - Manzer Hair Studio

Full Again

$42.00 CAD
Smooth again anti-frizz treatment - style control and soothing lotion in one - Manzer Hair Studio

Smooth Again

From $48.00 CAD
Smooth again rinse, conditioner for thick, course hair- Manzer Hair Studio

Smooth Again Rinse

From $10.00 CAD
Repair me wash, deep conditioning shampoo  - Manzer Hair Studio

Repair Me Wash

From $10.00 CAD
Rough rider, modelling clay for hair - Manzer Hair Studio

Rough Rider

From $16.50 CAD
Young again, infused hair treatment by Kevin Murphy- Manzer Hair Studio

Young Again

From $15.00 CAD
Body mass. The Best Leave in plumping conditioner. Kevin Murphy Hair- Manzer Hair Studio

Body mass

$59.50 CAD
Stimulate me rinse, refreshing scalp and hair conditioner by Kevin Murphy  - Manzer Hair Studio

Stimulate Me Rinse

From $43.00 CAD
KM texture comb - Manzer Hair Studio - Shop online

Texture Comb

$35.00 CAD
Killer curls - Best Curl Definer - Buy Online - Manzer Hair Studio

Killer Curls

$48.00 CAD