Winter Hair Hydration: Your Guide to Healthy, Moisturized Locks

The dry air and cold weather do a number on our skin, nails and lips but the locks hiding under your toque require love too. Our hair craves moisture just like the rest of us. Just like we moisturize our skin to combat the effects of winter, we should treat our hair with special attention and the right products to stay hydrated, vibrant, and frizz-free during the colder months. 

At Manzer, we see the effects of cold winter weather on hair all year long. Toronto winds and chill can cause some major damage that reveals itself even more once the spring humidity hits. In this guide, we will offer you everything you need to know about taking care of your hair the same way you do your skin. 

Winter Hair Hydration: Why It Matters

Winter weather can wreak havoc on our hair. Many of us notice extra dryness, brittleness and increased frizz. The cold air outside combined with indoor heating systems can strip our hair of its natural oils, leaving it parched and prone to breakage. Hydrating your hair is key. With the right products and care you can maintain its health, shine, and manageability during the colder months, just like we prioritize moisturizing our skin to combat dryness and signs of aging.

How to Combat Winter Hair Woes

Choose Hydrating Hair Products

Invest in high-quality, hydrating hair care products specifically formulated to replenish moisture and nourish your locks. Look for ingredients like hyaluronic acid, vitamin C and shea butter, which are known for their hydrating properties.


Use Deep Conditioning Treatments

Treat your hair to regular deep conditioning treatments to restore moisture and repair damage caused by winter weather. Opt for hydrating masks or treatments rich in vitamins and antioxidants to rejuvenate your strands from root to tip.

Limit Heat Styling

Minimize the use of heat-styling tools like blow dryers, flat irons, and curling wands, as they can further dehydrate your hair and contribute to frizz and breakage. Instead, embrace air-drying or use heat-protectant products before styling.

Incorporate Protective Hairstyles

Consider wearing protective hairstyles like braids, buns, or twists to shield your hair from harsh winter elements and reduce moisture loss. These styles also help to minimize tangles and breakage, promoting healthier hair growth.

Hydrate Me Kits by Kevin Murphy

Treat your hair to the ultimate hydration experience with the Hydrate Me Kits by Kevin Murphy. These affordable and all-inclusive kits are made up of the Hydrate wash and rinse to cleanse and moisturize, along with a free styling product to perfect your look.

Kevin Murphy's Hydrate Me Line

You can also buy products from the collection individually. Elevate your hydration game with Kevin Murphy's Hydrate Me wash and rinse, Untangled leave-in conditioner, and Hydrate Me mask. These luxurious products infuse your hair with moisture, leaving it soft, smooth, and radiant.

AG's Hydrating Line

Dive into moisture-rich formulas with AG's hydrating line, featuring the Xtra Moist and Ultra Moist shampoos and conditioners, along with the Fast Food leave-in conditioner and Nourish mask to nourish and revitalize your hair.

Don't let winter weather dull your sparkle. Nourish yourself head to toe with the hydration your entire body deserves. At Manzer Hair Salon, our team of expert stylists is dedicated to helping you achieve healthy, moisturized locks that shine all season long. Visit our Toronto salon to discover the transformative power of hydrating hair products and unlock your hair's full potential.

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