What to expect from a haircut during the pandemic

There’s nothing like great hair to lift your spirits, especially during difficult times. It’s not shallow. It’s human nature. Plus, connecting with your stylist and getting out of the house are good for you. At Manzer, we want to make sure that your hair appointment is as safe as possible so you can feel all the joy about your new hair without any doubts or fear. There’s enough of that going around already!

Still concerned? We’ve got answers to all your pandemic haircut questions.

How will I know if the salon is safe?

Little known fact: hair stylists take a number of courses that have little to do with hair in order to be certified. These include first aid and an understanding of blood borne and airborne illnesses, like COVID-19 and sanitization procedures. At Manzer, we have always had strict cleaning protocols in place. We’ve just ramped them up during the pandemic.

Do I need to wear a mask?

Yes, even if you’ve been vaccinated. Your stylist will be wearing one, too. And yes, it’s important that they’re disposable. We don’t want hair from your cut sticking to your cloth mask and itching you all day. Best of all we are supplying to all guests at the beginning of your appointment.

Can I bring my own safety supplies?

Yes, but you likely won’t need to. When you arrive for your appointment, you’ll be handed a bag of items that will help keep you and everyone else at the salon safe. This bag includes:

  • A disposable mask (see above).
  • Lysol wipes for sanitizing as you see fit. All surfaces will be cleaned prior to your appointment, but we want you to feel comfortable.
  • A Q-tip for touching the buttons on the pin pad when paying for your service.
  • One pair of disposable gloves. These are not required but can be used if it makes you more comfortable.

You’re welcome to bring your own hand sanitizer but we have it available as you walk in—and we request that you use it—and more hand sanitizer at every hairstylist’s station.

Can I use my mobile phone?

We request that you refrain from using your phone unless it’s absolutely necessary. Phones carry a lot of germs and the more talking that happens, the more particles are spread. If you must use your phone, use a sanitizing wipe and sanitize your hands.

Are you washing or blow drying hair?

Unfortunately, we have to keep every appointment under an hour so there are some limitations on the services we are offering right now. We aren’t blow drying hair, but we are washing or styling. It’s your choice. 

If you love our scalp massages, choose to have your hair washed and leave with damp hair (we can braid it if you like). If you prefer to leave the salon with a great blowout, come with clean, dry hair and we’ll style it after your haircut. 

Is your waiting room open?

Our waiting room is closed for the time being. That, unfortunately means no refreshments and no magazines (we can’t clean them, so we can’t offer them) but it also means fewer people in the salon at once, which makes all of us safer. 

We ask that clients arrive on time and if you can see that your stylist is finishing up with another client, please wait outside. We will call, text or email you when it’s time to come in.

Can I cancel my appointment if I’m not feeling well?

Yes and please do. We are waiving our $30 cancellation fee during the pandemic.

Can I still buy hair products?

Yes. While we don’t encourage browsing in the salon, we are happy to recommend the right hair products for you and have them in a bag and ready to go when you are. Or, you can shop products at home before you arrive and pick them up at your appointment.

Need masks or other PPE? We have a large selection of cloth and disposable masks, sanitizer and pre-made kits you can buy online and pick up in the salon.

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