What Makes Manzer Hair Studio Different

We’re a friendly and well-loved neighbourhood salon. We’re not intimidating or so stylish you feel out of place. Our stylists aren’t dressed in all black and they don’t think they’re cooler than you. So sometimes people might not realize just how extraordinary we are—and in the best,  most welcoming ways!

We don’t usually brag, but it’s time to share what makes us different and why Manzer Hair Studio could be the salon for you.



North American salons generate 421,206 lbs every day! That’s 210 tonnes! This includes hair clippings, hair colour, foil, hair colour tubes, waste paper and plastic bottles. That’s not a statistic we wanted to contribute to, so we made some major changes.


Green Circle certified salon

We joined the Green Circle movement. Green Circle is a salon recycling program that takes waste like hair clippings, foil and more and ensures that they are recycled or reclaimed in the most sustainable and environmentally-responsible way. Hair clippings may become recycling bins—seriously!—foil could be turned into bicycles and excess hair colour could become fuel. It’s an incredible program and we are proud to be a part of it.


Water Conservation

We use eco-friendly shower heads that reduce water and energy consumption by up to 65%.


The BEST scalp massages

And don’t worry. Although we’re saving water, the shampoo experience is still therapeutic. Every one of our stylists, including apprentices receive scalp massage training. We give the best scalp massages!



At Manzer, we only use and sell PETA-approved products hair products. Kevin.Murphy and AG Hair (whats in the bottle) are not only not tested on animals, but they’re paraben-free and concentrated so you get more for your money.


Established in 2008
Manzer has been around for 15 years and salon owner Nicole has been styling hair for over 23 years! Her experience and passion for hair mean that all the stylists on the Manzer team are well-trained, compassionate and great at what they do.


Free WiFi, coffee and tea

We try not to keep clients waiting but when we do, we bring you tea, coffee or water and you can use our WiFi to surf the web. It’s a good opportunity to save your favourite hairstyle photos!


Snacks offered during colour services

Heading to the salon from work, a meeting, or even during your lunch break? No need to fret about being famished, because we've got you covered with a delightful snack while you wait for your colour to set. (Sometimes we may even swing by for a second round!)


Online Booking

Keep forgetting to call us during the day when the shop is open?  Did you know you can request an appointment an your convenience with our online form. CLICK HERE  to book online


Online Shopping

Shop our store night and day, browse your favourite brand or learn more about a new brand.


Good Neighbours!

Finally, we’re simply good neighbours. We sponsor local teams, including the East York soccer club and donate to school fundraisers.

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