The Ultimate Spring Hair Refresh: Highlights, Blonde Hues, Light Balayage and Sun-Kissed Hair

The spring months are all about that deep sense of renewal—the vibe of a clean slate, new look, and refreshed style. This is the perfect time to breathe new life into your hair, and what better way than to mimic the sun’s reemergence and add some fresh sun-kissed hues to your locks?

Whether you're longing for brighter blonde tones, subtle highlights, or a soft balayage effect, there are endless possibilities to enhance your hair for spring and summer. At Manzer, we think that every client should get the exact look that best suits their hair type, colour, texture and length. Not everyone should be a platinum blonde; not everyone was meant for honey-hued highlights. With our help, you can incorporate highlights, blonde hues, light balayage, or sun-kissed elements into your hair to achieve a unique and radiant spring look that suits you perfectly. 

Subtle Highlights

Subtle highlights are a great way to add dimension and depth to your hair without making a dramatic change. For spring, consider opting for soft, natural-looking highlights that mimic the sun's gentle kiss. Balancing lighter shades with your natural hair colour creates a sunlit effect that's perfect for the season. Whether you choose the oh-so-trendy face-framing highlights, blonde highlights scattered throughout your hair, or highlights strategically placed around the crown, subtle highlights can brighten your overall look and complement your skin tone beautifully.

Blonde Hues

Blonde hair signals sunshine and warmth. From honey blonde to platinum, there's a shade of blonde to suit every style and preference. Embrace warmer tones like golden blonde or caramel for a soft, sun-kissed glow that enhances your complexion. If you're feeling bold, consider opting for a platinum or icy blonde hue for a striking, head-turning look. Consult with one of our Manzer hairstylists to find the perfect blonde shade that complements your skin tone and fits your personality.

Light Balayage

Balayage, a French hair colouring technique that involves hand-painting highlights onto the hair, continues to be a favourite choice for achieving a natural, lived-in look. Offering a grown-in appearance, this look is incredibly flattering and easy to maintain. Light balayage is trendy for spring, as it adds subtle dimension and brightness to the hair without harsh lines or regrowth. Opt for soft, blended transitions from darker roots to lighter ends for an effortlessly chic sun-drenched effect. Whether you prefer soft caramel tones, creamy blonde hues, or ashier shades, light balayage can elevate your hair colour and add a touch of freshness for the season.

Sun-Kissed Elements

Capture springtime radiance by incorporating sun-kissed elements into your hair. Delicate highlights and subtle shifts in colour are strategically placed to mimic the natural play of light on your hair, creating a youthful and vibrant look. Your Manzer stylist will add golden strands, shimmering accents, or soft, glowing hues that perfectly match the would-be results of long-term sun worshipping all summer. 

Once you've achieved your desired highlights, blonde hues, light balayage, and sun-kissed elements, you’ll need the right tools to keep your hair healthy and vibrant. Colour-safe shampoos and conditioners, heat protectants, and UV protectant sprays shield your hair from damage caused by styling tools and sun exposure. 

Our favourite blonde hair care products:

Blonde Angel Wash by Kevin Murphy 

Blonde Angel Treatment by Kevin Murphy

Shimmer Me Blonde By Kevin Murphy

AG Colour Savour Conditioner

AG Sterling Silver Toning Conditioner

AG Serling Silver Toning Shampoo

AG Sterling Silver Intense Mask

Bring on the spring with highlights, blonde hues, light balayage, and sun-kissed elements into your hair. The key is working with your natural hair colour and skin tone to create a flattering, effortless style. At Manzer, we love providing every client with the most personalized experience possible, ensuring that their new spring do is the perfect match for their look and goals. Consult with your hairstylist to discuss your hair goals and find the perfect colour technique to enhance your springtime beauty.

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