Lighter, Low Maintenance Locks: Achieving Blonde Hair Without the Hassle

Once upon a time, regular visits to the salon for touch-ups were a treat and easy to squeeze into your schedule. As you get older or simply busier, it might seem impossible to return to the well-maintained colour you used to adore—but it’s not. There are new ways to keep your hair blonde that don’t mean sitting in a salon chair for hours on end (as lovely as that can be). These are our top tips for lighter locks without the major time commitment. 

Try different dye techniques
Balayage, ombre or baby lights should be chosen over standard highlights or a full head of blonde hair. It might take a longer initial commitment, but these styles of colouring will grow out with a more natural look. Babylights are fairly new. It is a way to create baby-fine highlights similar to sun-touched hair that creates a glossy, glowing effect. Balayage has a long lifespan because the roots appear gradually. Regardless of which you choose though, an initial investment of time is necessary to get the full effect. 

Go halfsies

Running low on time and the capacity to commit to extended time in the salon chair? Try half-head instead of full-head babylights or balayage. This cuts your time in the chair in half and still provides the lightening effect around your face. A talented colorist will have no trouble blending your hair to make sure it looks gorgeous both down and pulled back. 

Get toned

Regular toning treatments can help keep the brass at bay and maintain your colour. They can help with natural highlights or help brighten your dyed locks. 

Hold back on hair washing

You heard that right. Shampoos strip natural oils from your hair and can increase the damage brought on by bleach and the toning process. It’s best to stick with washing your hair just two or three times per week. When you do wash your hair, stick to colour-friendly options like AG Colour Savour Shampoo or KM Everlasting Colour Wash

Keep your hair hydrated

Adding the right kind of moisture to your hair will help it retain its natural bounce and shine. We recommend using products intended for colour-treated hair and a hydrating hair mask once a week. Try AG Sterling Silver Mask or Kevin Murphy Blond Angel Treatment. 

Protect and replenish 

Colour-safe shampoos and conditioners tend to have fewer sulphates and silicones. They also often have natural ingredients to help protect and boost the health of your hair. We carry AG Hair and Kevin Murphy products because of their commitment to natural, earth-friendly and human-friendly ingredients. Some of our favourites include Kevin Murphy Blonde Angel Wash and AG Sterling Silver Conditioner.

Avoid heat and other harsh conditions

While you can use a protective spray while straightening or curling your hair, it’s best to avoid hot tools. Look into alternative methods for drying, curling, and styling your hair. AG Firewall Spray is a great product to use prior to a hot tool to protect your hair from the heat, alternatively KM Heated Defence is best prior to a blowdry.

The truth is, achieving lighter hair in a way that offers minimal time commitment isn’t easy. But by following these tried and true methods you might discover that you can have marginally blonder hair and a much brighter look. If you are searching for advice to help you perfect your sun-kissed look, contact us for your next appointment. 

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