The Orange Tree - Eau de Parfum

$85.00 CAD

The Orange Tree was created when Sarah McCartney, 4160Tuesdays’ perfumer, was commissioned to make the aroma of an orange tree to fragrance a very exclusive gathering. She used essential oils from four kinds of orange: sweet, bitter, blood, and clementine, using the flowers, fruits, leaves, and twigs to evoke the entire tree. When everyone at their West London studio asked for a bottle of their own, news leaked out and customers wanted to try it too. It reminds people of Seville, Sicily, Marrakesh, and California, wherever they have sat in the shade of orange leaves. Wear it, and you’ll imagine you’re there.


Top Notes: sweet orange, clementine, blood orange

 Heart Notes: orange flower, bitter orange leaf

 Base Notes: woods


The Orange Tree is suitable for vegans.



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