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Kevin Murphy Hydrate Bundle

$85.00 CAD $140.00 CAD

HYDRATE ME WASH: Replenish your dull, thirsty tresses with the revitalizing power of HYDRATE-ME.WASH! This super-smoothing hydrator injects much needed hydration to hair that's become dry due to natural elements or intense climates. Full of antioxidant powers to bring luster to lifeless locks, it's the ideal pick-me-up for parched strands.

HYDRATE ME RINSE: Delight in a luxurious HYDRATE-ME.RINSE conditioner designed to replenish and restore locks in desperate need of hydration. Perfect for dry hair or for hair exposed to extreme climates, this essential moisture boost nourishes and smooths damaged split ends. Full of antioxidant goodness, your hair will look and feel healthy and radiant!

YOUNG AGAIN SERUM: Indulge your hair with YOUNG.AGAIN leave-in oil from our REJUVENATE regimen. Powered by Immortelle to fight oxidation for a youthful look, this deeply conditioning oil makes locks silky soft and gives it a radiant shine. Combat dryness, breakage, and heat damage daily with this amazing oil!

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