Manzer Hair Studio would like to welcome our new Sr. Stylist, Francesca, to the salon! Francesca has over 30 years experience working in the industry. She has appointments available the first week of Jan and beyond.

Amethyst Slice Bottom Druse, Silver - Manzer Hair Studio

Amethyst Slice Bottom Druse, Silver

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Amethyst- It is a beautiful potent stone for healing both physically and emotionally. It is also thought to be a protector stone. It can bring about intense spiritual growth. Amethyst is known to help increase mental clarity and increase your inner strength making them powerful crystals for meditation.


It can help you to get in touch with your deepest feeling and help you to reach a level of self-realization that you didn’t think was possible. Amethyst stimulates the crown chakra and helps to balance your thoughts and emotions.